designing energy policies

What we did

As part of the Regulators Pioneer Fund, Ofgem received grant funding to see if methods commonly used to develop new services can be applied to developing new policies. The funding enabled Ofgem to bring in service design and consumer research team members, and included Energy Systems Catapult as part of this team with consumer insight expertise across user experience, user research, trials and vulnerable customers.

“This project was partly inspired by the Energy System’s Catapult Living Lab, which showed me that it is possible to successfully run consumer trials while designing a new policy. Applying the team’s experience with the Living Lab to our project, consumers have had an earlier and more frequent voice in our work, and we have used this evidence to take a more iterative approach to developing policy.”

Daniel Kirk - Head of Innovation Link, Ofgem


Through the project, a consumer research and analysis process was established across the joint BEIS and Ofgem teams that provided evidence to support policy recommendations, and helped these recommendations be iterated as they were being developed.  The research and analysis process was specifically designed to include the needs of people in vulnerable circumstances.   



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