Electric Vehicles

How do people really feel about them?

Tags: research programme, qualitative, EV, segmentation

Client: Energy Technologies Institute (ETI)

We hear more and more about electric vehicles every day. We see charging points for them at supermarkets and motorway services. We hear that they are better for the environment than petrol or diesel cars. Government wants us all to drive one soon. Yet today few of us are. This project found out how to get more people into electric vehicles.

The Study

drivers took part in the study

The research focused on what puts people off electric vehicles and what would motivate people to get one.

We ran various studies over 3 years looking at 2 types of electric vehicles:

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) have an electric motor and battery that stores the electricity they need to drive.

Plug-in Hybrids Electric Vehicles (PHEV)  have an electric motor, battery, engine and petrol/diesel tank. The engine takes over if the battery runs down.

We asked participants what they thought of both types of electric cars. Then we analysed the data to produce ‘segments’ of like-minded people.



The Result

Segments of driver

The Value

These segments can help persuade more people to drive electric vehicles by:

  • Tailoring marketing so it has more appeal;
  • Targeting promotions at people who are most likely to be persuaded;
  • Showing when electricity capacity and networks will need increasing.

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