Bristol Energy

Launching the UK's ever Heat Plan

“Everything we do at Bristol Energy is founded in social purpose. The Heat Plan trial in collaboration with Energy Systems Catapult is an important step in our journey to creating energy products which are fairly priced for everyone, support sustainable energy supply and the decarbonisation of our homes and businesses."

Samantha Nicol - Head of Innovation and Marketing at Bristol Energy

Bristol Energy believe the role of the energy supplier is as a service provider.  They wanted to easily, compliantly and creatively trial Heat as a Service to understand what customers love about it and what their business needs to do to deliver themselves.

Using our starter-for-ten Heat Plans, we co-developed Bristol Energy’s Heat as a Service proposition that was launched in our Living Lab.  We helped Bristol Energy decide on what service levels to use, what the terms and conditions of the contract were and what the customer journey to deliver the service in the Living Lab was.

From protoytype to full trial, we collaborated with Bristol Energy to obtain valuable insights from consumers on their proposition – from qualitative feedback to analysing the sensor data to understand how they controlled their heat experience and the costs to deliver it.

By testing Heat As a Service, we can truly understand what our customers need, rather than just giving them what we think they want.

See what some of our trialists thought about Heat Plans below as well as how they feel about the Warm Hour concept.

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