Do consumers understand DSR Language?

We worked with the provider of a novel energy service to learn how to explain complicated new ideas to consumers in simple terms that encourage service uptake.

In order to accept and adopt new energy services consumers must first understand the service and see the benefit to themselves. 

Sounds simple but few consumers are engaged in the energy market as it is. New concepts such as Demand Side Response (DSR) and Peer to Peer trading are complicated to explain and unfamiliar to the majority of consumers.

We used Home Truths® to find out how to explain demand side response to consumers so that they understand what it is and are positive towards the idea.

The research confirmed that consumers need to understand a novel service to be positive towards it. 

In particular, they need to understand how a service creates a benefit for them in order to easily see the benefits and have confidence in them.  But, explanations need to be clear and concise. Analogies may be one way to strike this balance.

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